We've also been to (but missed recording) quite a few great Land Rover gatherings and events, but that's all changed now, so keep your eye out here for some great pics and videos of future events that KLR will be involved in.

While you're here though, check these out.


Land Rover 70th Anniversary – Celebrations in Cooma NSW 2018

Held over 5 days from 29 March - 2 April, Cooma became Land Rover heaven as over 900 vehicles from the earliest to the latest, registered and traveled to Cooma, NSW for the event, along with approx 1600 registered participants.

A monumental undertaking by the organisers but a great success for all involved, and it also wouldn't have been such a success without the hospitality and help from all the residents of Cooma.

A wonderful event and KLR is looking forward to the next one.

Check out our short KLR YouTube video clip.


Day 1 - 29/3/18        
Day 2 - 30/3/18        
Day 3 - 31/3/18        
Day 4 - 1/4/18        
Day 5 - 2/4/18